Current Initiatives

JazzBoston's programs are designed for all ages, ethnicities, and income levels and are carried out all over the city, typically through collaborations and partnerships. They further our mission by informing, educating, and raising the public's awareness about the music and Boston's thriving jazz scene. They also attempt to build bridges between the generations, the diverse parts of the city's jazz community, and the jazz community and the broader arts community.   

Jazz Week, the 9-day rite of spring revived by JazzBoston in 2007, is a community effort of musicians, venues, schools, and arts organizations to bring out audiences for live music. Riffs & Raps, which began as an after-school program to connect at-risk teenagers to their community and themselves, has grown into a family of programs for the very young to the very old. "What's Your Jazz?" is a long-term, grassroots multimedia campaign to expand perceptions of the music by demonstrating that jazz is for everyone.

The Campaign for the Future of Local Jazz Radio, an ongoing advocacy initiative, is a unified, coordinated effort of Greater Boston's jazz community to find forward-looking solutions to the loss of local jazz programing on Boston's NPR stations. It was triggered by the cutbacks at WGBH Radio that became effective July 6, 2012, and led to the introduction of JazzBoston's free golbal radio app, JazzBird®.

The photo below tells JazzBoston's story better than any words can. Taken from a video protrait that will serve as the opening for our "What's Your Jazz?" TV show on BNNLive, it captures the energy of Boston's jazz community today and provides a glimpse of tomorrow. In this image 100 jazz musicians, jazz workers, and jazz lovers shout out the question in unison: "What's your jazz?"