JazzBird from JazzBoston:
Your free portal to great jazz radio shows around the globe

JazzBird®, the free jazz radio app from JazzBoston, provides access to hundreds of jazz radio shows streaming live 24/7 from broadcast and Internet stations around the globe. In the crowded field of music streaming, it is the only app that delivers a listen-live-now experience anytime you “tune in,” anyplace you are, from anywhere in the world.

Officially launched in April 2013, the app has both “lite” and full versions. JazzBird® LITE  is free. With the full version, only $2.99, you can listen in the background while using other functions on your mobile device; you also get a sleep timer and a switch to turn off ads.

Among the app’s distinctive features:

  • Each of the shows on JazzBird’s® up-to-the-minute schedules is hand-picked by a panel of JazzBoston curators that includes musicians, radio hosts, writers, and knowledgeable fans – all based in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the top jazz cities in the U.S. and a world center of jazz education.
  • Objective guidelines for selection ensure that the entire range of jazz styles is represented and give even the smallest stations an opportunity to build national and international audiences. Because we believe radio is still the single most important portal to the music and someone who knows and feels the music is the best guide, hosted shows are given top priority, and shows with computer-generated playlists are excluded.
  • JazzBirdInterface.jpegShows created by stations in the Greater Boston area appear at the top of the list for each time slot and are marked with a “B” icon that signifies a “Boston, USA, show.” The app’s interface was designed this way to support the Greater Boston jazz community’s campaign to strengthen local jazz radio and fill the gap left by WGBH’s deep cut in jazz programming in 2012.
  • Live events with broad national or international interest and an available stream, such as  the annual International Jazz Day concert and iconic Newport Jazz Festival, are added to the top of the app’s schedule when they occur. Live local events of special interest are occasionally featured as well.

With its potential to connect the world’s jazz community, JazzBird® is a natural extension of JazzBoston’s mission to connect, promote, and advocate for the entire Greater Boston jazz scene. JazzBird® also directly supports the efforts of MassJazz and the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism to increase the state's appeal to cultural tourists worldwide.

JazzBird® is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Download the free version now from the App Store or Google Play. For more information, write to jazzbird@jazzboston.org and find JazzBird® on Facebook.

We welcome your comments. And if you have a favorite jazz radio show in your hometown or country that isn't on the app, please tell us about it so we can check it out.

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