What's Your Jazz? on TV

What's Your Jazz

JazzBoston's "What's Your Jazz?" TV series, a celebration of Boston's rich jazz culture and the neighborhoods it springs from, had its debut September 11 on Boston Neighborhood Network. A fast-paced mix of live performances, interviews, and special features, the pilot for the one-hour show was produced by JazzBoston in BNN's Roxbury studios and will be repeated periodically on Comcast channels 9 and 23 and RCN channel 15.

Show Format

Drawing on a rotating roster of hosts, "What's Your Jazz?" will expose Boston-based artists representing different styles, ages, and ethnic groups to provide an all-inclusive picture of the city's diverse jazz scene and highlight the connection between jazz and community. The show will also be the place to discover new talent, invited by the guest artists. Two regular segments will fill out the picture — "A Boston Jazz History Minute" and "Nuts & Bolts," a look at the mechanics of the music.

The series pilot, hosted by pianist and bandleader Frank Wilkins, featured jazz vocalists Semenya McCord, Dominique Eade, and Wannetta Jackson, and included special segments by contemporary jazz master Walter Beasley and jazz impresario Fred Taylor. Other hosts on the "What's Your Jazz?" roster are radio personalities Eric Jackson and Jeff Turton, trumpeter Jason Palmer, impresarios Dayla Arabella Santurri and Fred Taylor, and pianist and Black Music authority Emmett Price III.

JazzBoston would like to thank BNN TV for its support in getting this series off the ground. Very special thanks to Barbara Barrow-Murray, the Director of "What's Your Jazz?",  and Leroy McLaurin, the show's Technical/Lighting Director and Audio Technician, for going beyond the call of duty to make the first show a winner.

With the pilot experience behind us, we are now exploring options for a long-term home for the series.

Jazz Community Portrait

To introduce the new TV series and open every show, on August 8 JazzBoston brought together 100 members of our city's jazz community for a first-ever video portrait. Gathered in front of Wally's Cafe, the group —  ranging in age from 4 to 88 — included musicians and their families; educators, presenters, producers, journalists, and others who work in the art or busines of jazz; community leaders; and jazz lovers of all persuasions.

No one portrait on any one day can take in an entire community. JazzBoston's goal was to capture a cross-section of people whose lives are closely connected to the music, and that's what you see in the image here. (An alphabetized list of the full group gathered at Wally's Cafe is below.)

JazzBoston community

This image and six additional versions of the still portrait can be downloaded from this page using the links below. Since the group changed positions with each take, some people are easier to identify in one version than another. To see a larger image in a new window, click the link. To download an image to your desktop, right-click the link and select "Save link as ...." (Mac users, hold down the Control key while clicking.) The image size is roughly 2 MB and is suitable for 7 x 12 and 8 x 14 prints.

Version 1 (JPG)
Version 2 (JPG)
Version 3 (JPG)
Version 4 (JPG)
Version 5 (JPG)
Version 6 (JPG)
Version 7 (JPG)

The images are provided courtesy of Roger Tully, Tully Productions, who created the video and still portraits for JazzBoston pro bono. JazzBoston also thanks Elynor Walcott and her family for hosting the video session and after-party at their historic club and SoulFire BBQ in Allston for catering the event.

Visit JazzBoston on Facebook to see more photos of the August 8 event and add your own snaps to the collection.

To find out about JazzBoston's "What's Your Jazz?" multimedia campaign and how you can participate, click here.

Who's in the portrait, listed alphabetically

Gil Aharon
José Alicea
Mae Arnette
John Baboian
Bill Banfield
Walter Beasley
Ron Bell
Sergio Bellotti
Pauline Bilsky
Bob Blumenthal
Kay Bourne
Pat Braxton with son Seth
Lance Bryant
Don Carlson
Allan Chase and Dominique Eade with sons Julian and Stephen
Arni Cheatham
Henry Cook
Jo Davis
Daniel Day
Tammy Dowley-Blackman
Greg Duncan
David Eure
Ken Field
Lee Fish
Laszlo Gardony
Bruce Gertz
Dotty Guild
Janice Haneef
Mark Harvey
Adrienne Hawkins
Rev. Michael Haynes
Curtis Henderson Jr.
Jim Hobbs
Joe Hunt and Yuka Hamand Hunt
Tim and Caroline Ingles
Yoron Israel
Wannetta Jackson
Tshombe Johnson
Grace Kelly and family
Jo Kent
Alexandria King
Lloyd and Kaicee King
Mel King
Cleopatra Knight-Wilkins
Charlie Kohlhase
Eula Lawrence
Florence Lewis
Pat Loomis and Crystal Shiell with sons Antonio and Aidan
Bill Lowe
Maxim Lubarsky
Jay Mahler
Liam Malloy
Lance Martin
Richard Matra
David Maxwell
Quinn McAlary
Cercie Miller
Ron Murphy
Judith Murray
Anthony Neal
Lenny Nelson
Bob Nieske
Tom O'Toole
Jason Palmer
Michael Peipman
Zelma Peterson
Bill Pierce
Robert Pinsky
Paul Poindexter
Eric Preusser with daughter Erica
Emmett Price III with son Nicholas
V. Raffini
Kurtis Rivers
Larry Roland
Rob Rose
Rollins Ross
Marc Rossi
Dayla Arabella Santurri
Ron Savage
Ken Schaphorst
Pamela and Marc Seigle
Nat Simpkins
Bill Singleton
Syd Smart
Hank and Jane Solomon
Brenda Parks Taylor
Alvin Terry
Al Vega
Elynor Walcott
Andre Ward
Larry Watson
Frank Wilkins
Patrice Williamson
Lim Yang